Polish and cut compound for scale model

Kustom Service Cut and polish compound water based.

We introduce in the scale model world ONE STEP system direct from our automotive experience.

We reduce the common 3 steps to ONE STEP.


Miracol Polish does 3 works in one step:

Remove big, small and super fine scratches and polish at the same time.

No need cut compound big, medium and polish, now you have all in one.

At the end of proces with Miracol Polish your piece will simply perfect, if you wanna go over you will apply Miracol Wax.


This special teflon wax compound is used to create a super glass ultra shine effect over clear coat.

Miracol Wax full ultra micro scratches, not visible to the eyes, with teflon power and create a super ultra gloss film over surface that protect all paints from new scratches or powder or other elements.

Your finish will be amazing!


Miracol Wax and Miracol Polish can be applied with common Cotton cloth or micro fiber cloth or cotton wool.

Remove and clean surface with common micro fiber cloth.

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