Candy concentrate paint are special super concentrate pigment or dye that can not be used alone but just in combo with a neutral clear base. This base can be 1K or 2K (as used in USA but we don't like suggest this system). 

All Candy are just clear and must be applied over metallized or pearlescent base to have the effect you look in the picture on our website. 

In any case at the end of painting, all candy paint must be protect with a custom clear coat with extra UV additive filter inside. Our clear coat series K2, K4 and K8 with our extra anti UV filter are the best combination to do this Job. 

Please do not confuse a good clear coat as for example PPG, SIkkens, Standox with our special Custom Paint Clear Coat. Our technology is complete different. Many people think that a good common clear can be the same of Kustom Service paint just because the price, absolute NO, this is a big error!

Our clear are born for custom paint and custom colors, they contain a special UV filter but in any case they must be added with our extra UV in 2%. 

With all other clear probably, candy disappear under sunlight in few weeks or one or two month.

More info inside color schedule or at


Candy Concentrate Universal Color Dye (vivid tone) - 250ml

Candy concentrate colors. Universal clear dye pigments for solvent and water base 1K and 2K Use it over metallic or pearl base for maximum effect in sunlight. Protect with our UV filter for a correct sunlight resistance.
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