Kustom Service aims to produce and distribute the best special painting products available in the market for airbrushing, engine painting, custom painting, interior architecture, modeling, design, firearms, and much more.

Kustom directly distributes its products in the national and international market. In some cases and only in some countries, you will find authorized dealers.

We ship water-based and flammable paints worldwide.

Inside our shop, you will find almost all of our products, except for those customized upon customer request. If a product that suits your needs is not present in the catalog, you can contact us and speak with a manager to request a custom-made product.


Over the years, we have focused our research on the development of water-based formulations for decorative and professional purposes in the Automotive and Interior Design sectors, as well as in the field of high-temperature ceramic paints.

Among our clients are international brands such as Italdeisgn Giugiaro, Lamborghini Auto, Ferrari, and many others.


We supply manufacturing industries, national and international mechanical workshops, custom airbrush artists, and industrial design professionals with our effect paints.

We study and create technological solutions for painting on any surface and material using water-based and solvent-based technologies.


Our products are available in over 20 countries worldwide through specialized dealers trained by us.


Our task is simple and clear. Provide solutions and technologies that meet higher-level needs with guaranteed results and extreme applicability. We make what is normally complex simple, repeatable, and serial.

One of the major challenges in the field of chromatic customization is the repeatability of processes and their industrialization. Our job is precisely this: to make a complex colorimetric process repeatable and feasible.


Name: B.P.S. S.R.L.

Country: IT

VAT Number: 12720660963

Address: Via Arco 

Number: 6

City: Milan (MI)

ZIP Code: 20121

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