Acrylic sun water base scale model airbrush...

Acrylic sun water base scale model airbrush paint color force - 30ml

VAT included

Acrylic water based color force scale model paint.

Non toxic airbrush colour.

Ready to spray for 0,3 nozzle.

Suggest pressure between 1,5 and 2,5 bar

Application over white.


Acrylic water based color force sun scale model paint.

Color force paints are special water based super bright pigments.

They must be applied over white primer or white color as sci fi pure white

Is also possible apply these paints on the same sci fi color. 

Example: Red color force can be applied over bright red sci fi but finally result will not the same of the white base application.


It is ready to spray for 0,3 nozzle but if you dilute it it is possible to use it with 0,2.

Suggest pressure is between 1,5 and 2,5 bar.

It can be applied over Kustom Service Primer white or sci fi pure white.

You can reduce with our Standard Thinner

Mixing between

Color force can be mixed between themselves to have new tones.

They are also mixable with all others sci fi color to have new strange tones, but they lose their brightness power.

Clear coat

They must be protect with one of our clear cote.

Consider that matt clear increase their power.

Airbrush cleaning

Clean with our water base concentrate cleaner.


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