Acrylic Super Matt Clear Coat for Scale Model...

Acrylic Super Matt Clear Coat for Scale Model KSW01 - 50ml

VAT included

Super Matt KSW 01 clear coat water base airbrush acrylic scale model paint.

Ready to spray airbrush paint for 0,3 and 0,2 nozzle at 1,5/2 bar

Extra matt effect color.

Super flat final surface effect.

Extra resistant in few minutes.

Perfect for military and classic cars or Gunpla.


Airbrush and scale model Super Matt clear coat ready to spray.

Apply with all 0,2 and 0,3 airbrush at 1 to 2 bar

This clear coat is good for old time cars, bikes, aircraft, when not super gloss is request because the old time object.

Clean with water base cleaner.

It can be applied over all other acrylic, enamel or lacquer paint of all brands.


This product can be applied by light coats that you can dry fast by airbrush air.

Another system is to apply first light coat, dry fast by airbrush and stat to apply one, two or more medium heavy coats.

Is very important that every heavy coat dry before apply the second, two wet coats together are no good thing.

Usually first system is much more use and it is more safe.

Masking dry time

Before use a masking tape on a clear wait 2 hours or dry with hot air for some minutes and give it a rest of 20 minutes to become strong.

How to clean 

Clean with our Water Based Concentrate Cleaner, if you don't have it simple water will be better than strange things.

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