Acrylic water based pearlescent scale model colour

Pearlescent acrylic water based airbrush colours for scale model.

These paints are made with very bright pearls.

Each pearl has its own reflection.

How to use?

They can be used with common airbrush as Iwata, Sparmax, Badger, H&S, Paaschè ext

They are ready to spray with 0,3 nozzle but can be used with special 0,2 or custom micron airbrushes if diluted with our Thinners

Can be applied on:

White Base for a ghost reflection color.

Black base for a super vibrant effect colours.

Mix pearlescent colours with all standard solid colours.

Dilute as you want upon your feeling

Acrylic Water Based Thinner

Which surfaces can be painted?

I can paint all surface that are prepared with our water based or solvent based primers

Kustom Service water based paint can be used directly over Lexan Surfaces

Do they can be protect?

Simply with our water based paints can be protect with our water based or lacquer based clear coat.

These paints are professional so they can be used with 2K acrylic clear coat, but we are sure just if application have be doing with our clear coat


Suggest pressure from 1,5 to 2,5 bar

Less is possible but dilute the paint before with our Thinner standard

How to clean

Water based paint can be cleaned with our water based concentrate cleaner.

This bottle have to be pre diluted in two liters of common water

Is it also possible to dilute it in 3 liters of water but power will not the same, good but not the bes

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