Alcohol base metallic colors

Special series of metallic and chrome effect paint for scale model projects.

These paint are made in alcohol base, not lacquer, not solvent.

They are fastest dry and super shine, available in chrome metal or many different shades of aluminium, steel, duralluminium, titanium and many many other tones.

How to use?

Simply shake well and put into airbrush, they are ready to spray for every nozzle from 0,2 to 0,5.

They never be diluted.

Must be used as they are over our KSW100 Black gloss 

Alternative if you want less shinig effect but more natural opaque effect is an application over KSW000 black matt

How to prepare surface?

First of all apply our water based primer

Second apply our special base KSW100 super gloss.

When surface is perfectly black mirrored and 12 hour dry, you can apply your metallic.

How to apply KSW100 black gloss?

Over dry primer water based or solvent based.

Apply two light coats very fast, wait 10 minutes

Apply one full coat, wait exactly 5 minutes, not 6 not 4

Apply another full coat and wait 12 hours

Surface is ready to be painted with our metallics.

How to apply a metallic paint

Easy shake well

Put into airbrush

Pressure between 1,5 and 2 bar

Nozzle 0,3 airbrush

Apply it wit super super light coats

Paint have to be as powder when comes out of airbrush

Apply many layers until you look the effect you like

Flash off time between coats 1 minute or 2

Which surfaces can be painted?

All materials, plastics, metals, plexiglass and more.

Is the chrome or metallic self resistant?

No it is not self resistant but our paint is very strong if applied over KSW100 black gloss, and many modelers leave this paint alone without other protection.

Often you can touch it without any problem, but this is up to you.

Do they can be protect?

This is not a must.

Metallic paint can be protect or not, this is up to you and depends from the object and final result you want.

Could the color lose the  mirror result after clear coat?

Yes every chrome lose 5 or 10 % of the mirror effect after clear.


Suggest pressure is between 1,5 and 2 bar

sometimes is possible to go down al 0,5 but the final metallic result will be no good

How to clean

All metallic paint are alcohol base and they must clean with our alcohol cleaner


KSW100 Acrylic Super Gloss Black Water Base Paint For Metallic - 50ml

Kustom Service KSW 100 black super gloss acrylic water based paint for all metallic paint. Use it for super mirror effect of all metallic alcohol paint of Kustom Service. Water base non toxic product ready to spray for 0,3 airbrush Pressure application at 1,5/2/2,5 bar Never try to dilute, no try to dry by air dryer or heat gun or airbrush air, or it will...
Metallic effect paint CHR14 Natural Steel for scale model static or dynamic. Ready to spray alcohol base for airbrush application. Use our metallic primer black gloss KSW100. Do not try to dilute this product. Clean with our alcohol base cleaner.
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